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About Us

Zero+ has proudly created the most effective brand in the industry

Inspired by the miraculous ability of our body to regenerate and heal itself when in homeostasis, we have found a way through advances in technology to enhance the modern resurgence of natural care and eliminate pain quickly while enhancing overall health of the body.

Zero+ creates effective, accurately dosed natural products utilizing clinical-grade delivery methods. Most importantly, Zero+ maintains industry-leading accountability driven by a patient-first mentality.

The Intersection of Technology and our Body

Zero+ Nutraceuticals develops products that maximize the benefits of natural plant nutrients and increasing the efficacy and bioavailability via technological breakthroughs and chemistry.

In addition to being the first to deliver an instant pain relief topical and a water soluble effervescent powder Zero+ continues to develop new cutting edge approaches for isolating, manufacturing and utilizing powerful proprietary botanical extract.

From our founders and partners to our scientists and production associates, our passion is paramount in everything we do.