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CBD Oil: The best resort for pain relief

Jul 11th, 2018

Marijuana, the psychoactive drug, incredibly popular with stoners for inducing psychedelic highs and uplifting moods, goes by several names-cannabis, ganja, charas, weed, hashish, hemp, bhang, grass, pot, Mary Jane, and so on. That cannabis for centuries has been used extensively for treating a wide range of diseases and disorders to good effect also makes the drug all the rage with the medical marihuana community. Ganja is obtained majorly from the flowers of the cannabis plant that are imbued with nearly 113 cannabinoids, of which THC and CBD are the two natural compounds which find maximum applications.


While THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is chiefly behind stoners getting a euphoric high, it is the presence of CBD (cannabidiol) in marijuana that makes it effective for treating an array of health problems and syndromes. For instance, CBD has been found to be effective in dealing with symptoms of sciatica, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, social anxiety, epilepsy, seizures, and even some types of cancers. CBD has also come to the aid of patients diagnosed with aforementioned disorders, for offering pain relief.      


How effective is CBD oil for pain relief 


Pain, whether chronic or acute, can be quite disorientating, coming in the way of yours leading a normal life. Though acute pain is, for the most part, tolerable, and may still enable you to function almost normally, chronic pain is usually excruciating and unbearable. A large proportion of the population has to put up with chronic pain which is more often than not a symptom of several lifestyle diseases.


Individuals suffering from chronic pain have traditionally used painkillers, analgesics, and palliatives for pain relief. However, these medicines only offer superficial relief and that too only for a brief period as the core reason behind the pain remains unresolved.


CBD oil, since the past two decades or so, has come up as a viable option for managing and dealing with pain, both acute and chronic. As cannabidiol has proved to be effectual in treating pain without any noticeable side-effects, healthcare professionals are increasingly referring their patients this cannabinoid compound in place of conventional anodynes.


How does the oil help in getting relief from pain?


Medical scientists and researchers investigating cannabis for pain relief have attributed CBD’s palliative properties to its intrinsic nature. This chemical compound found naturally in marijuana intermingles with the physiological endocannabinoid system, thus helping in the smooth regulation of numerous vital bodily processes.


Another significant factor worth noting is that CBD, unlike THC, is not intoxicating owing to its low psychotropic potential. No wonder then cannabidiol is so high sought after by the medical cannabis community. Additionally, this natural compound of marijuana is well-known for its tranquilizing effects but keeps the individual fully alert.


To say the last but not the least, this compound, unlike heroin or LSD, hardly interacts with any part of the brain implying that it is not addictive or habit-forming. However, FDA is yet to approve the compound’s medicinal use in any form (oil, supplement or as a cooking ingredient) as most of the studies for ascertaining its benefits have been conducted on animals.    


CBD Oil and chronic pain


Researchers are of the opinion that CBD influences the receptors in the immune system and brain. Receptors are tethered to cells that are responsible for receiving and responding to chemical signals. The interaction leads to the creation of stimuli for anti-inflammatory effects, thereby helping in coping with pain.


It is because of this property of the cannabidiol that it is recommended for managing chronic pain that occurs in different parts of the body. The cannabinoid compound for pain relief, checks inflammation, acts as an antioxidant and neuroprotective drug as well as is an excellent immunomodulator. Scientists and medical experts are still in the dark as to how exactly cannabidiol helps relieve pain.    


CBD Oil for multiple sclerotic pains


Most of the patients of multiple sclerosis are aware of the numbing pain associated with the disorder. Many physicians and medical practitioners are known to prescribe cannabidiol for management of multiple sclerotic pains. CBD aids in getting relief from pain associated with the chronic disorder, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


Cell culture studies conducted on rats and mice for establishing the compound’s anti-inflammatory effects, clearly demonstrated that the rodents’ pain alleviated with marked improvement in recovery from illness.  


CBD Oil for arthritic pain


The analgesic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory attributes of cannabidiol oil could also come to the aid of arthritic and sciatic patients. Arthritis is a disorder that makes the joints to stiffen and causes painful inflammation. The cannabidiol compound boosts the CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, enabling them to restore the immune system’s chemical balance, which in turn mitigates inflammation, eventually providing pain relief.


CBD Oil for pains and spasms caused by workouts and participation in


CBD oil can work wonders for injuries, wounds, and lesions that generally occur from participating in different kinds of sports and workout programs. Cannabidiol can be taken orally for getting relief from pain and muscular spasms, after a strenuous workout session. However, when it comes to expediting the healing of wounds and injuries resulting from playing football, volleyball or rugby, applying the oil topically on the affected area is suggested for the best results.


Side effects of CBD Oil


If you’re seriously considering using cannabis for pain relief, as a beginner, one question that’ll you’ll surely like to have answers for is, ‘does cannabinoid have any side effects’?


You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that CBD neither induces intoxication nor does it have any perceptible side-effects. If findings of scientific studies and researches are to be believed, oral intake or topical application up to a gram and a half does not cause any conspicuous side effects. Consequently, the compound can be safely used by youngsters and grownups. The usual side effects attributable to traditional painkillers and analgesics including ulcers, strokes, heart attacks, and addiction cannot be ascribed to cannabinoid.


So, the takeaway from this post is that you can safely use CBD oil on a day-to-day basis for getting relief from pain and many other health problems.

Author Name: Michell

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