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Research Says Cannabis Oil Can Be Used to Treat Diabetes

Jul 10th, 2018

Around four hundred million people worldwide are affected by Diabetes, and the disease continues to be one of the pressing causes of human mortality. Diabetes is an irreversible medical condition where the body ceases to regulate the production of insulin properly. Doctors have classified it in two types; namely, type 1, and type 1.


Diabetes changes the way one’s body manages blood glucose levels and can very well be fatal if left undiagnosed or untreated. It also brings a host of complications including organ failure, lower body paralysis, blindness and cardiovascular issues. However, there is indeed a silver lining in the cloud, as substantial studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabis oil in preventing and treating diabetes.

CBD and diabetes management


Cannabis has been found to be quite beneficial in various health issues including a migraine, depression, cancer, and cardiovascular health. The various effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on the diabetes is being extensively researched, and numerous scientific studies have shown the logical correlation between Cannabis Oil and Diabetes, and also the usefulness of CBD in reducing the complications that the illness comes with. Type 1 diabetes affects those people who are less than thirty years old, where the human body launches an autoimmune attack and targets the insulin-producing islet cells found in the pancreas. About one in every ten individual suffers from this type.


The more commonly occurring, type 2 diabetes, is typically diagnosed in obese persons who are more than forty years old.  It is necessarily a combined outcome of insulin resistance and dysfunctional insulin production. There are many ways in which this metabolic disorder can be managed with CBD. diabetes treatment with CBD oil is increasingly gaining popularity, and it is found to be helpful in instances of neuropathy, vomiting, and nausea. Past studies potentially indicate that specific chemicals found in cannabis could reduce fasting glucose and improve insulin resistance.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) happens to be the primary active chemical compound found in the herb, which, as well as its extracts; mitigate discomfort and pain. However, cannabidiol and one lesser-known cannabinoid called the (THCV) tetrahydrocannabivarin; have both exhibited anti-diabetic properties. The American Journal of Medicine (AMJ) published the findings of a five-year-long study in 2013 which thoroughly examined how cannabis influences insulin resistance and fasting insulin. The research highlighted that active users of cannabis did have 16% lower levels of fasting insulin when compared to users who never consumed the herb, and also had 17% lower concentrations of insulin defiance and elevated levels of good lipoprotein cholesterol aka high-density cholesterol (HDL).


Top benefits of CBD oil in diabetes management


  • Reduces insulin resistance


The AMJ reported that the effect of CBD oil on insulin, glucose, and insulin resistance studied among US adults, indicated positive correlation and significantly lowered fasting insulin levels than that of non-users. Furthermore, the study also stated that the present users of cannabis carried a mean insulin resistance of 1.8, while it was 2.2 in case of past users and 2.5 for those people who never consumed the plant. It was also found that the present-day users of cannabis also had had lower blood glucose levels in comparison with past as well as non-users.


  • Prevents obesity


Though studies establishing the association between cannabis and base metabolic index (BMI) are yet to be conclusive, some national surveys and studies conducted in the US soil have shown enough promise. Two US national surveys have demonstrated that users of cannabis had reduced obesity levels and lower BMI.


  • Soothes inflammation


Studies have shown that cannabis possesses anti-inflammatory properties and it can help in controlling diabetes; and perhaps; treat cardiovascular diseases too; by attenuating inflammation, oxidative stress, fibrosis, and cell death.


  • May alleviate diabetic retinopathy and diabetes-induced neuropathy


Diabetes is infamous for causing much harm to the eyesight. Studies done by the American Journal of Pathology (AJP) have pointed out that CBD considerably reduces neurotoxicity and oxidative stress, and shields the eyes from the risks of blood-retinal barrier breakdown and retinal cell death.


Diabetic people often experience chronic neuropathic pain and nerve disorders. One NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) study suggested that cannabinoids exhibited pain reducing properties in instances of laboratory rats suffering from diabetes-induced neuropathy. However, human trials are yet to deliver the same outcomes.


Selecting the appropriate cannabis varieties for efficacious diabetes management


There is a vast range of marijuana strains presently available in the market, shown to produce different effects on various parts of brain and body. A buyer can choose from Aurora India strains used for treating insomnia as well as for recreation, to Sativas that are handy in improving alertness and energy levels. One should do the research properly to zero in on the most effective cannabis seeds. Reading online reviews and learning from anecdotal experiences of other people also help a lot. Some of the sought-after cannabis species to manage diabetes include Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Doug’s Varin, Cannatonic, Northern Lights, and Black Beauty. Interested buyers should verify the legal status of marijuana in their present residing state before planning to order the herb.


Concluding thoughts


There is various scientific studies and research being done presently to indicate the advantages of CBD. diabetes type 1 and type 2 patients worldwide are becoming aware of the benefits of cannabis oil with every passing day. However, the (Food and Drug Administration) FDA guys have approved the CBD oil as a supplement and as a herbal remedy only. Hence, there does not exist any formal standards for its consumption method and dosage, which people can follow without any confusion and ambiguity. It is always wise to seek the consultation of a competent medical practitioner before purchasing any cannabis derivatives and CBD products.


Can diabetics be cured by type CBD? diabetes 2 or type 1, whatsoever may be the case, cannabis has immense potential to treat both. If someone is suffering from this deadly disease, it is recommended to schedule an evaluation and visit a qualified physician, before buying any medicinal CBD oil.

Author Name: Michell

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