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We are still in the extreme fringe, and it is time to dive in

May 17th, 2018
You may have seen this graphic before. It’s the technology adoption curve. We are in the early days of acceptance of pain relief and other benefits from natural organic Hemp.

New technology that eventually becomes successfully adopted generally follows this bell curve. With inventors and innovators starting the trend, early adopters following next. Then the early majority, late majority and finally the laggards are those who have to upgrade because the market no longer produces or sells what they used to have.

There is a missing piece here and it is within the 2.5% innovators slice. It is the extreme or lunatic fringe, the very first people to start using the something new. The extreme lunatic fringe is what gets the word out to the early adopters.

Think about this- By the end of 1992, only 26 websites had been created. In April of 1993 CERN directors declared that WWW technology would be free to be used by anyone, with no fees payable to CERN. Towards the end of 1994 there were a million browser copies in use.

Amazon was created in 1994 to just sell books. However, they saw that shopping online was going to be the way of the future. Soon after in the mid 90s search engines came about and Google soon followed. Adoption increase a thousand fold. When 1998 came around hundreds of thousands of commercial websites existed and the early adopters started to see how the internet was going to disrupt many existing industries.

Remember the iPhone, Mac vs PC, Solar, Wind energy. All the adoption and commerce are impressive, but the real significant impact of the Internet was that it ushered in the age of information. For the first time in human history we could reach out and talk and see each other globally. All our knowledge could be stored online forever. People can easily access and learn new things everyday about every subject possible. Free speech could be broadcasted around the world and we could respond quicker to disasters and atrocities. Now, we collectively could not imagine a world without the Internet.

The new beginning

There is a massive mostly unseen tsunami of technological disruption forming at the moment in the form of acceptance for Hemp, finally. MMJ and CBD are being seen and recognized since the State level legalization in Colorado and then California, followed by another dozen states since.

Even though Hemp has been used for thousands of years and by all of our forefathers, it was all but squashed out in the mid 1900’s.

Right now, Hemp acceptance is rekindeling in the likes of the early Internet days. The total disruption of the Facebook and Twitter affect of Hemp for help in pain management is still years away. However, with the rate of innovation and adoption increasing, it is probably closer to 3 years away. Hundreds of new companies are being spawned all with different ideas and concepts from MMJ to CBD and those like us that are technologically supierior and making transparent solutions to solve new problems or bring current services into a brand new decentralized and democracized world.We are nowhere near the early adoption majority phase of the curve yet. It is still somewhat difficult to obtain and people are now more accepting to alternative options that are natural and becoming more available.

Above is the technology adoption rate graph, where we can see how long it took various technologies to get widely adopted. Electricity and the telephone took several decades before reaching 60% adoption. And as we near the digital age we see adoption skyrocket, especially with each generation getting up to speed faster than the last. Kids born now are digital era natives, these kids will be the first generation bringing ownership of automated cars into the majority. They will also be the first generation completely understanding and accepting the natural benefits of Hemp.

The acceptance that it works phenomenon.…

This is happening at a exponential pace. More and more technology is being integrated into this space, much like what Zro+ has done to increase the bio availablity and efficacy for so many in pain.

But the point is, that we are only touching 1 or 2% of the population. This is going to increase every day with the help of ecommerce, the internet and the fact that good quality solutions from good quality ingredients really work for so many! This means millions and millions of people will start to come oware of alternative options that are healthy, natural and available to them.

Now is a great time to be educated and aware….

Author Name: Robert Mordini/ Dr. Z

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