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Your Brain Might Give You This Advice

Apr 5th, 2018

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How long did you sleep last night? What time did you get up? It matters more than you might think.

Everyone’s day and life depends on their mind—like an athlete, builder, or executives but we need a diet to match. But few people sit down first thing in the morning and consider which foods and drinks will help them make good decisions that day, improve their focus, and reduce stress. And that’s a mistake.

What we put into our bodies has a powerful impact on our brains (which only weigh 2–3%) of our body weight but use up 25–30% of the energy that’s found in what we eat. Our brains need to be properly fueled and hydrated in order to run smoothly, and we shouldn’t expect optimal performance when they’re not. Here’s what your brain needs more and less of in order to work at its best

Yes, you need to drink more water. But you might also want to try some Zro+.


Drinking enough water should be, well, a no-brainer—except that many people don’t do that. Our brains require about 500 milliliters of water for every 30 or so pounds of body weight. (So for the average 175-pound American adult, that’s about 3 liters of water each day or 100 ounces which is about 9 bottles of water as a reference.) This is the minimum level of hydration needed to avoid denting your memory, concentration, and decision-making. But there’s a real risk to missing that threshold even by a little. In fact, researchers have found that even a 1–3% shortfall in adequate hydration can substantially affect these functions.


If a glass of water can boost your brain, a glass of BOOZE can slow it down. Drinking leads to dehydration, more calories and worse sleep. If you need a drink, think about a Pinot Noir (no pesky sulfates) or a shot of GOOD tequila on the rocks. This is not a daily ritual by the way! Related: Zro+ Nutriceuticals helps reduce cortisol, helps focus and reduces anxiety.


Salmon is tasty and good for the brain because of the Omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, and protein. On the other hand, smoked fish and fish that are typically high in mercury (like tuna and swordfish) can increase levels of pro-oxidants in the body and actively damage brain cells. Your choice in seafood today doesn’t just impact your brain in the near-term, it also has an effect on your future brain power.


Speaking of brains, there’s one factor we tend to grasp much better when we think about sleep than about diet: quantity. It’s not just about what you eat and drink, it’s how much you do. Being over-tired can lead to behaviors many of us are all too familiar with—from our attitude toward others to how we make decisions. Zro+ will help your anxiety and insomnia because of the calming effect it creates in your body when the endocannabinoid system is working in regulation vs being stressed because it is deficient. Oh, and you really can’t eat too many vegetables………….. and a little fat doesn’t hurt…. more next time!

Dr. Z

Author Name: Robert Mordini/ Dr. Z

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