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Be Anxiety Free

Ever feel that tense feeling that starts in your chest then moves throughout your body, your breathing seems to stop while your mind speeds up with feelings of doubt, uncertainty, or dread? That’s called anxiety.

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Just in case you forgot…… this 1st before going shopping for meat...

Lately, we have been so disappointed about the quality and taste of chicken in particular for the price at our grocery store.

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What 97 Percent of Americans Ignore

Basic hygiene isn't being followed. Your timely health reminder for a better tomorrow.

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It could be magic…

Dopamine can be called the magic neuron, given the amount of processes it controls. There are many ways to control and stimulate this neuron and help many conditions starting from anxiety, depression, fear, Parkinson’s  and so on.

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Sunscreen Warning: The BEST (and the WORST) Sunscreens to Use...then what??

Not just a ruckus, a deep underlying frenzy of free radical damage that may eventually damage the very DNA that makes you the person you are today.

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Try a Natural Alternative- Protein Powder Is (Probably) A Waste

I’ve just joined a new gym and I’m meeting with a personal trainer to get my exercise plan together. I’m not 30 anymore, I have aches and pins and I’m not metabolizing very well.

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