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Medicine Based on CBD Can Reduce the Effect of Lennox-Gastaut Epilepsy

Lennox-Gastaut Epilepsy (LGE), also known as (LGS) Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, is a rare type of epilepsy that onsets in childhood and represents not even 2% of new epilepsy cases.

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Archaeological evidence proves cannabis was used in ancient civilizations too

According to one archaeological finding, a pottery with hemp cord was found in an urban area of Taiwan, dating back earlier than 8000 BCE.

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CBD Oil: The best resort for pain relief

Marijuana, the psychoactive drug, incredibly popular with stoners for inducing psychedelic highs and uplifting moods, goes by several names-cannabis, ganja, charas, weed, hashish, hemp, bhang, grass, pot, Mary Jane, and so on.

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Research Says Cannabis Oil Can Be Used to Treat Diabetes

Around four hundred million people worldwide are affected by Diabetes, and the disease continues to be one of the pressing causes of human mortality.

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The Infusion of CBD in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Perhaps, the most sickening thing about the western school of medicine is that it requires people to get sick first (pun not intended) and then get cured.

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Take a look at the change in cannabis laws in the past few years

The state of affairs surrounding cannabis laws per se in the US has undergone a radical and speedy shift in the past twenty years. The nature of modifications pertaining to CBD legalization

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