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The Infusion of CBD in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Perhaps, the most sickening thing about the western school of medicine is that it requires people to get sick first (pun not intended) and then get cured.

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Take a look at the change in cannabis laws in the past few years

The state of affairs surrounding cannabis laws per se in the US has undergone a radical and speedy shift in the past twenty years. The nature of modifications pertaining to CBD legalization

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Trump Signals Relief On The Prohibition of CBD Derived From Marijuana

CBD legalization may get a nod from Trump administration. Some of the public statements by president Trump suggest that he is looking forward to a bipartisan proposal.

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CBD can help you get rid of Chemotherapy side effects

Cancer is an ever-evolving and complex disease. The more the doctors and researchers discover, the more they realize there is a way lot more to explore and understand.

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Cannabis comes out as the best alternative for sleeping pills

Sleeping disorder has become quite prevalent around the world. Around 40 million people in America suffer from sleep disorders every year.

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Understanding the Legal status of CBD and its use for health benefits

Cannabidiol is gaining wide acceptance for its medicinal benefits. It can treat epilepsy and reduce stress levels in the body. 

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