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We are still in the extreme fringe, and it is time to dive in

You may have seen this graphic before. It’s the technology adoption curve. We are in the early days of acceptance of pain relief and other benefits from natural organic Hemp.

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$0.75 for a piece of cheese WTF !!??

Not that we should be eating cheese all the time, but 75 cents for a piece of cheese on a sandwich upcharge at Jimmy John’s is frickin’ ridiculous, ludicrous, bad sportsmanship, greedy, poor management, poor leadership…shall I go on….???

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Eating Organic…Prepare your body 1st

You’ve probably heard there are benefits to eating organic, but if you’re like most people, you may still be a tad confused about the whole “organic” overpriced thing. 

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A Billion People Want to Loose Weight

Even worse, did you know that research shows that almost all of people who go on a diet will FAIL???? The odds seem like they are against us, and when looking at statistics like these,

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Your Brain Might Give You This Advice

What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How long did you sleep last night? What time did you get up? It matters more than you might think.

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What people are saying

Our customers report that Zro+ has a relaxing, sedative effect on the body without the fuzzy mind high of using other alternatives (and no risk of using too much and freaking out).

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