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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

Zro+ Selected To Appear on Award Winning Television series- Modern Living with kathy ireland

Sep 9th, 2018

Zero+ Nutraceutical and its CO-Founder Bob Mordini will be a featured guest on Modern Living with kathy ireland�, filming on December 10, 2018. The feature story will be broadcast globally on WE tv (as sponsored programming) and Bloomberg Worldwide a few weeks after the live taping.

"It is very exciting to have our products recognized by Modern Living with kathy ireland," says Mordini. "Our products are a great natural remedy for pain, stress, focus, sleeplessness, and anxiety. Kathy's great influence across the world will help the millions of people who watch her show become aware and choose a credible product, which works very quickly and naturally."

"We are very pleased to feature Zro+ on our show," added Gila Stern, Vice President of Brand Strategy for Modern Living with kathy ireland. "Bob and his team have developed products to address many ailments, in a natural and effective way. We look forward to sharing his story with our global audience."

Zro+ topical products have been a hit for reducing pain in all walks of life. It is a great natural alternative to many forms of pain control and is safe for everyone, from children to seniors. With the carefully tested natural ingredients, it is a viable treatment for pro athletes, students, and  business professionals. Available in September 2018, Zro+ is proud to present an enhanced new taste in their Zio products, a sublingual solution made with the same exacting standards as the original topical formula.

The Zro+ products have been very popular to families and individuals that have encountered outstanding results who previously required medications for Pain, Anxiety, ADHD, Brain Processing Speed, and Focus. It is an effective alternative to many prescription medications for the aforementioned and more.  Zro+ has demonstrated outstanding results via qEEG/Brain mapping studies showing benefits very quickly, says Mordini.

Mordini adds, Thanks to all who have shared their success stories with us on the website, its very fulfilling for all of us to be able to help so many!

Zero+ Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Robert D. Mordini, Jr.



Life is better without Pain!!!

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