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Quantitative EEG Analysis

Feb 14th, 2019


The power spectral analyses were deviant from normal with excessive power in the bilateral frontal regions and especially left frontal from 1 – 4 Hz and the bilateral temporal regions and especially left temporal from 1 – 3 Hz. LORETA 3-dimensional source analyses were consistent with the surface EEG and showed excessive current sources in the left inferior frontal and superior temporal gyri with a maximum at 2 Hz (Brodmann areas 13, 38 & 47). EEG amplitude asymmetry, EEG coherence and EEG phase were abnormal, especially in bilateral frontal and occipital relations. Elevated coherence was present in bilateral occipital regions and especially left occipital which indicate reduced functional differentiation. This condition is often related to reduced speed and efficiency of information processing. The learning disability discriminant function did not detect a pattern in the EEG that is commonly present in individuals with a history of general academic problems. The brain performance index (BPI) predicted an above average capacity to efficiently allocate neural resources with a balanced prediction for performance I.Q. and verbal I.Q. The BPI was not designed to replace neuropsychological testing but rather is a measure of the general health of the brain and the degree to which neural resources are efficiently allocated. In summary, the qEEG analyses were deviant from normal and showed dysregulation of the bilateral frontal lobes and especially left frontal of the inferior frontal gyrus and the bilateral temporal lobes and especially left temporal of the superior temporal gyrus. The frontal lobes are involved in mood control, executive functioning, abstract thinking and social skills. The temporal lobes are involved in auditory information processing, short-term memory, receptive language on the left and face recognition on the right. To the extent there is deviation from normal electrical patterns in these structures, then sub-optimal functioning is expected.