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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

What People Are Saying...

 Zro+ quality natural alternatives for pain, stress and anxiety are life changing for most people. See for yourself here.

Zroplus was a Game Changer for Me

Zro+ was a game changer for me! After playing professional volleyball nonstop for 9 months, my body was completely wrecked. My knees, my shoulder, and my back had a hard time recovering and getting back into training again. But when I tried Zro+,  there were immediate results!  It almost felt unreal because, I was so used to having pain all the time, and now I didn't. So, now I use Zro+ for maintenance reasons, just to keep my body feeling good during the season, and for aid in recovery for the little injuries that spring up. Zro+ has really been a life saver or should I say, (body-saver) !

Jan 26th, 2019

Colorado young lady with cancer.....

Hi Adam I just talked to Bob, what a great person!! So kind and knowledgeable. But I wanted to tell you that when we left the gym my husband Guy and I both took a dropper full of Zro+ and Guy's back pain went right away and mine pain dulled a bit but my hips that were hurting like crazy. Anyways, so last night, I was in so much pain at bedtime I couldn't even walk:( so Guy made me take a dropper full of Zro+ and I laid down and never woke up till 5am and the pain was so little I couldn't believe it  so Bob said I could take as I need in a days time:) I pray this will really continue to help my symptoms!!

Young lady in Colorado
Oct 31st, 2018

Ayden Autism

Our 12-Year-old son has Autism. He's classified as moderate to severe and suffers from mood swings, acute anxiety, frustration, ADHD, and explosive outbursts, often destructive and violent. To give an example, my wife was driving him to school one morning and when she didn't turn down a certain street to go to McDonald's, he lashed out violently, punching my wife and kicking out the windshield of the car. It took over an hour to calm him down. We have gone through half a dozen televisions, the same number of iPads and iPods, and fixed numerous windows and holes in walls and doors throughout the house. His sleep patterns ranged from not going to bed at all, to three or four hours at best, to a marathon 12 or 13 hours solid sleep when he just had to catch up.

We had considered turning to homeopathic medicine some time ago, but, like many parents, we were unsure if it would make a difference, how safe it was, and which "brands" to use, if we could even find it. So many questions. We stumbled across Zro+ through a friend. Everything just seemed to drop into place and we decided to start using it sublingually right away.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that he slept a perfect 9 hours the first night. Like a baby. Then the next night. Then for the rest of the week. Now I have to say that he has since had one or two 6:00 am wake up mornings, but I mean just a handful. He has been taking Zro+ sublingually for almost three months now. The fantastic thing for us was the shift in his attitude. The changes were subtle but clear. He wasn't being turned into a drooling, subdued zombie. He was still our rambunctious, mischievous little boy, but within the first two weeks there was a 90% decrease in the violent outbursts and destructive behaviors we had been enduring for so long. More smiles, more tolerance, more patience, more accepting of "no", or "not today", or just "wait".

Today, he has a "moment" every once in a while, and for regular things that a typical kid would have a moment over. No more ice cream for you today. No, you can't stay up past midnight to watch cartoons. Normal things. And he just seems to tolerate those denials so much better than before.

After the first few weeks, I was settled into seeing this change in behavior so much, that I began to wonder if it was still working. Then we ran out of Zro+. I swear I can hear the theme music to The Exorcist playing in my head while I recall it. Suffice to say that, if I didn't think I saw a huge difference while he was taking Zro+, we sure noticed when he wasn't taking it. This product has changed our lives, and our son's, and we are very thankful.

Neil Staley
Jul 23rd, 2018

Migraine pain relief

"Yes that is what I need. I'm Feeling really good. I haven't gone a month without a migraine in many years. Also oil is working on my husbands bursitis."

Amy H. - Colorado
Jun 11th, 2018

Multiple Sclerosis pain relief

The oil is amazing and is relieving any pains that I have. Combined with using the drops I would recommend this to those that don't like taking pills. Yes, I still take my pill for MS but for pains that I have the oil is amazing. Anyone with MS and has the pains in their feet legs or hands would greatly benefit from giving it a try.


Thank you for introducing this to me.

April Kreitner
Jun 2nd, 2018

Whiplash from a car accident

My name is Rhonda. Zro+ has drastically improved my life after I was rear ended in a car accident July 2016 and suffered a bad whiplash. It had been a year since the accident, I was still experiencing constant cervical pain with muscle spasms. Keeping me on the couch some days. I was desperate for some kind of relief. I had been prescribed numerous medicines, none of them helped. I am very sensitive to medicines and their side effects, which eliminated all of them. I had tried physical therapy, dry needling, deep massage, acupuncture and cupping, and supplements. All just gave me temporary relief. The Spine Specialist wanted to perform a Neurotomy to burn the firing nerves. I didn't want to do this. I came across Zro+. I was skeptical because nothing had helped in the past. The pain started to decrease immediately. By the third day, the pain and spasms were almost totally gone with no side effects. I couldn't believe it.


All I can say is THANKS. I can't wait to get my active life back.

Rhonda - Arvada, CO
May 22nd, 2018

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