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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

What People Are Saying...

 Zro+ quality natural and organic alternatives for brain and body synergy. See for yourself here.

Pain Relief


I have a great testimony you can share for your CBD! I fell down a full flight of stairs on New Year's Eve morning. I tore/strained the tendons from my middle finger and have a huge hematoma on my right hip/thigh. I am bruised the entire side and back of my right leg from hip to a few inches above the knee. I hit my shoulder and wrenched my neck. SO, the great thing is this: I used the ZRO+ CBD oil and my iMRS on and off all-day New Year's Day and by New Years Day night I had no pain. This is with a rather battered body!!!! Other than my finger when they put it in a cast I have no pain and as bruised as I am I have no pain. I continue to use both and am doing great! Please use that testimony any time and you can give my name. I am SO grateful for God's protection! I could have broken some major bones and been a real mess! SO grateful for your ZRO+ CBD oil!!!! Thank you! Thank you!! I will get by to see you sometime next week as I am clearly going to need some more ZRO+!

Jacqueline Stevens
Jan 16th, 2020

Thank you Zro+...No surgery needed

I developed significant pain in my right quads and I talked to my chiropractor. He suspected arthritis in my hip which was verified by an osteopathic surgeon. He said I had 2 options - cortisone shots or hip replacement surgery. That seemed so radical. On Adam's website he talked about his recovery because of your CBD oil. I had taken some other CBD oil a year before sublingually but it had not helped the muscle pain at all. After using the Zro+  oil topically, the muscle pain went away quickly (minutes), sometimes lasting longer than 2 days. I no longer have pain that makes me limp and I am no longer facing hip replacement surgery. Great stuff. Thanks, Bob.

Dec 3rd, 2019

Works Naturally

I will recommend ZRO+ to everyone who is looking for natural botanical extracts.

Peter J.
Jun 13th, 2019

The Magic of Zro+

Hello Mr. Mordini, this is Paige B.. We met while I was home for winter break through Adam Bratten. I just wanted to express how much Zro+ has helped with both rowing and trying to get back to a new normal in my life. I told Adam that it is literally magic in a bottle, and I would recommend it to everyone I know. With that said, I need to get some more. Thx, Paige medical student.

Paige B
Mar 8th, 2019

Zro+ Topical Provides Relief

My son-in-law, Jac Hinkle, had some Zro+ Topical at Christmas time and I used it on my hip which has been giving me trouble for a couple of years – it helped and I have been using it since and receive my auto shipment each month!

Bud Passchier
Mar 7th, 2019

Everlasting Comfort

I like the everlasting comfort of this product. The unique fragrance makes it even better!!

Mike P.
Feb 2nd, 2019

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