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Zroplus Nutraceutical, Inc

What People Are Saying...

 Zro+ quality natural and organic alternatives for brain and body synergy. See for yourself here.

Bike riding pain

I am 67 years old and an avid road cyclist who rides about 120 miles a week. Unfortunately, I have arthrithis in my feet and it usually causes great discomfort in my feet whenever I ride for more than 3 hours. After reading the information on the Zero+ website, I decided to give it a try. I am stoked for tell you that after using these two products I was able to ride for 3 1/2 hours without even the slightest pain in my feet.

I am very excited to continue using these products and I feed very confident that I have found the solutions to my arthritis problems. I would strongly encourage you to use likewise. See you on the road :)

Steve P.
Apr 5th, 2018

Sciatica pain relief

Hello, my name is Miguel. I have two herniated disks in my lower back, L4-L5, L5-S1, and one of them is pinching on my sciatic nerve; therefore, creating a lot of pain all the way to my right heel 24 hours a day. I'm a school bus driver with a split shift, usually early morning two to three hours, and after noon four to five hours. The sciatic pain increases when I'm sitting, and I use any excuse to get out of my seat to relieve the pain a little bit, so that I can finish my shift. I have used Venlafaxine for two years to help with the pain; however, the side effects were too many, and when I finally stopped taking it the withdrawal effects were the worst. I also got many shots of Cortisone in my herniated disks, and right hip, but in turn this made me gain weight, caused insomnia, and urinary incontinence.

A good friend of mine shared the Zero+ oil with me, and I used the oil on my right hip, and right shoulder. The pain on my shoulder was gone right away, and my hip pain decreased to a mild pain while I was seated. After I used the oil for the second day, I didn't even need to stand up from the bus seat because I was not feeling any pain. When I finished my afternoon shift, I called my friend and expressed my joy---to work again without agonizing pain---and the best of all, no side effects.

Thank you Zero+.

Miguel C.
Apr 4th, 2018

Better sleep

Since taking the Zero+ I have been falling a sleep so much easier. I just ordered another bottle and have introduced Zero+ to my friends.

Thank you.

K. Warner - Colorado
Feb 13th, 2018

Sublingual (Zio Drops) and Cerebral Palsy

The Zio drops are helping Tiffany with her cerebral palsy. She is feeling better.

Thank you.... Mom.

Tiffany - New Mexico
Feb 6th, 2018

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